Citywise Consulting

Citywise Consulting leverages Fresh Life’s position as the industry leader in provision of off-grid sanitation services for the urban poor to support cities to deliver inclusive services for every citizen.
Building on our proven record of delivering aspirational sanitation services in under-served, hard-to-reach areas, our Citywise team supports partners to cost-effectively fill sanitation gaps left by conventional approaches.
We offer clear guidance on the steps that governments, funders, service providers and technology developers can take to develop integrated urban sanitation systems.

Our approach for partnering with cities includes:

Research & Learning

We leverage research to strengthen the knowledge and evidence base for citywide sanitation services.

Advisory services

Our consultants design integrated solutions that appropriately and cost-effectively address sanitation gaps and foster city-wide

Partnering with cities

We advise cities on strategies for designing integrated solutions and operationalizing systems to ensure safe, sustained coverage of citywide inclusive sanitation services for urban residents.

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