Annual Report – 2023

Fresh Life 2023 Annual Report

Annual Report – 2023

Fresh Life implements innovative non-sewered sanitation systems co-created with and for underserved urban communities.

Press Release – 2024

Launch of Fresh Life Toilets in Mombasa County

Press Release – 2024

Fresh Life donates two Toilets to MaryCliff Primary, Tudor, during the launch of the
inaugural Fresh Life Toilets in Mombasa County.

Press Release -2023

Fresh Life and MOWASSCO MoU signing ceremony

Press Release  2023

Mombasa residents in low-income areas to benefit from transformative sanitation services as Fresh Life and Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Company (MOWASSCO) join

Dec 19, 2022

Container Based Sanitation: A Promising Approach to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Sanitation

Fresh Life staff

Sanitation, Container-based

When you think of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, you might think of highways crowded with gas-guzzling cars or large fossil fuel power plants pumping carbon dioxide and other GHGs...

Annual Report – 2022


Annual Report – 2022

Fresh Life is a social enterprise and founding partner of The Sanergy Collaborative - an alliance of partners harnessing the circular economy to develop and scale safe sanitation solutions and regenerative food systems across fast-growing cities worldwide.