Fresh Life works with
municipalities to deliver safe,
equitable and sustainable sanitation

Fresh Life System

Fresh Life works with municipalities, utilities
and residents to deliver safe, equitable and
sustainable sanitation, particularly in
underserved, low income areas.

Educating residents about how Fresh Life system works

Our system is built on three principles:

Systems are key for sustained impact. Delivering safe sanitation requires a full value chain approach of ensuring toilet access and safe management of waste generated. These parts must work together seamlessly.
Desirability matters. Sanitation products and services innovatively designed and built must be aligned with residents’ and government partners’ needs and aspirations.
Public-private partnerships are critical to reach all residents. Building partnerships with municipalities who have the core mandate to deliver sanitation services is key to expanding coverage efficiently and sustainably.

Fresh Life delivers high quality, safe and sustained non-sewered sanitation solutions in hard-to-reach, low-income areas


Fresh Life builds cost-effective and eco-friendly sanitation products and services delivered in cities. Our main product offering is the Fresh Life Toilet, a water-less, container-based facility, which is designed for residential compounds, schools and busy markets. Another product is Fresh Fit Toilets, designed for in-home usage and are especially valuable for the elderly or disabled populations. Municipalities and urban residents, particularly those living in non-sewered informal settlements, invest in these products as a high-quality sanitation option.

Fresh life staff disinfection a Fresh life toilet
Fresh Life staff picking waste form the slums


Fresh Life then offers a regular waste collection service. We have built an extensive, professional logistics team, consisting of youth from the communities we serve who guarantee that 100% of the waste generated is safely removed and transported out of the areas we operate. This team receives personal protective equipment, a competitive salary and medical benefits.
Through our Mtaa Fresh program, we partner with local sanitation service providers, who empty sanitation waste from pit latrines in informal settlements. Fresh Life builds exhaustion centers where pit emptiers safely discharge waste removed from the community at a fee. This is an upgrade from the unsafe open dumping of the untreated waste into waterways and the environment done by the emptiers. It is also a faster way to achieve 100% coverage while ensuring that waste is safely removed and managed.


Fresh Life partners with cities, utilities and other organizations to guarantee safe treatment and reuse of waste removed. In Kisumu, we partner with KIWASCO to treat the waste and in Nairobi, we work with Regen Organics, who convert the waste into agricultural inputs, and Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company who treat the pit latrine waste.

Water being poured on greens

Fresh Life works with
municipalities through

to develop and implement cost-
effective, citywide services at scale.

Our Model in Action

Partnering with Kisumu Water
and Sanitation Company
(KIWASCO) to deliver a full
value chain service for non-
sewered areas.

In Kisumu, the 3rd largest city in Kenya, an estimated 300,000 people live in urban informal settlements without access to safely managed sanitation. As a result, public health is at risk, and Lake Victoria, one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, is polluted by untreated sanitation waste leaking into the lake.

Resident washing hands on a tap provided by the Fresh Life choo system
Fresh life staff standing outside a Fresh life toilet

KIWASCO, the city’s utility, whose mandate is to provide cost effective and affordable sanitation services across Kisumu County, has partnered with Fresh Life to expand service delivery coverage, especially in non-sewered areas. Fresh Life launched in 2020 in Nyalenda, a low-income area. To date, the area has more than 900 active facilities, and safely contain 500 tons of sanitation waste annually. The partnership is co-financed and co-led by the municipality and Fresh Life.

Our Model

Fresh Life seeks to expand our coverage
throughout Kenya and beyond.